Ambien Description

Ambien pills are a sleep-inducing medication that has an active ingredient named as Zolpidem. This drug is available in two variations such as immediate release and extended-release capsules. People can buy Ambien on both the forms through reputed online pharmacies without any hassle.

Ambien mechanism of action

When Ambien medication is taken, it would alter the natural chemicals in the brain. All the imbalanced ones would be converted into balanced ones. When they are back to their form it induces sleep in a person.

Immediate release tablets help a person to get sleep but when extended-release tablets are taken, it would help a person to maintain the sleep as well. When the ER capsules are taken, the outer layer would get dissolved initially and after some time the second one gets absorbed in the body. This is why a man is able to be in a sleeping state for a longer time when the drug is taken.

What are the dosage strengths of Ambien?

Immediate release tablets are available in two different dosage strengths such as 5mg and 10mg. Extended-release capsules are available in the dose of 6.25mg and 12.5mg. The standard dosage strength for men and women is 5mg. However, there are chances for a man to be prescribed with a 10mg dose. For women, the FDA has recommended only the lowest dose. The metabolism rate of a woman is slow so they would feel drowsy the next morning whereas the rate of metabolism in a man is faster.

What should you do if you miss a dose?

Take the medication as soon as you remember, but when it is time for next dose skip the old dosage. Do not take additional pills to compensate the dosage. As it would result in adverse side effects.

Ambien Overdose

If you find that someone has overdosed on Ambien then you have to take the person immediately to the hospital. Overdosing of the medication can lead to symptoms like difficulty in breathing, fainting, excessive sleepiness, and Coma. Overdose might also lead to be fatal.

Ambien Precautions

  • Avoid taking the medication if you are allergic to Zolpidem.
  • Taking Ambien pills would cause drowsiness in a person even on the next day morning. It is essential that you wait for the effects to wear off from the body before starting to do the activities that need complete alertness. This includes driving or handling heavy machinery.
  • Do not increase Ambien dosage strength on your own without getting advice from a doctor. Even while discontinuing the treatment follow the procedure that is mentioned by your medico.
  • Do not take the medication if you are pregnant or breastfeeding a child.
  • Inform your doctor pioneer about the health conditions that you suffer from like heart-related issues, kidney problem, liver disorder, or history of mental illness.
  • If you have consumed alcohol in the morning then skip taking Ambien medication at the night.

Drug interactions with Ambien

While taking Ambien a person has to be very cautious especially in simultaneously taking other drugs that would trigger sleepiness in you like cough syrups, muscle relaxants, painkillers, anti-depressants, seizure pills, and narcotics. There are some medications that can be taken along with Ambien without any worry and that are chlorpromazine, rifampin, ketoconazole, and sertraline. However, to be on a safer side, it is essential to inform your medical specialist about the drugs that you are taking which includes over the counter pills, prescription medication, herbal supplements and dietary tablets.

Side effects of Ambien

Side effects are very common with Ambien medication just like other drugs. It is classified into two types’ namely common ill effects and severe side effects.

Common side effects:

  • Weakness
  • Throat infection
  • Nasal congestion
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Muscle pain
  • A headache
  • Nausea
  • Loss of coordination
  • Stomach upset

Severe side effects that are to be addressed immediately are:

  • Irregular heart rate
  • Trouble in swallowing or breathing
  • Chest pain
  • Feeling like passing out

Notify your healthcare professional about the adverse side effects that you face immediately.


Storing the pills properly is also very essential. Keep the tablets in their original package without damaging it. Select a secret cabinet to keep the pills to avoid children and pets from reaching. Avoid direct sunlight and moisture.

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