FDA recommends lower dose of Ambien to prevent sleep-driving

The food and drugs administration recommends people to take a lower dose of Ambien in order to prevent sleep-driving. Becuase the normal dose of Ambien some time give high and that makes this kind of sleep driving, walking and eating problems. Also lot of cases filed with this cause that’s the reason for FDA’s this decision.  Ambien is a medication that is used in treating a sleep condition called as insomnia.

The pill has the active component Zolpidem which is known to act in the body by affecting the chemicals in the brain that could be unbalanced in people who have sleeping problems. Ambien works with the central nervous system to enable a person to get better sleep. Therefore, this medicine has to be taken with utmost care and only in the dosage strength that is advised by your physician. Keep reading further to get all your doubts clarified.

The need to reduce Ambien dosage

Physicians believe nighttime dose of sleep aid can remain too high for patients even on the next day. FDA has now approved a newer dose of Ambien, the most popular sleep aid medication, in an average dose of Ambien. But that’s not mean to use the lowest dose of Ambien just they have reduced some strength of the dosage.This measure was taken in an effort to reduce the daytime sleepiness which could be at peril when a person is engaged in doing some activities that require one to stay alerted like driving.

This move has been followed by all the drug manufacturers as directed by FDA that all the drugs that comprise Zolpidem will have to carry the instructions that lower the recommended dosage and also provide more safety-related information for patients. These changes were approved by FDA as it is aware of the next day impact that happens as a result of consumption of the drug.

The primary purpose of lowering the dosage level is to cut down the risk of next-morning impairment of activities that require one to be highly alert. Researchers claim that they were particularly concerned about driving, as a large fraction of the population keeps driving different vehicles and that driving is an inherently dangerous activity.

Ambien dose for women

Lowering the night dose means that there will be less residual med in the blood by the time the person wakes up. The extended-release forms of the medicine tend to stay in the body for a long while. The FDA has also instructed the drug manufacturers to reduce the Ambien dose for women to cut in half i.e. from 10mg to 5mg for Ambien Immediate Release and from 12.5mg to 6.25mg for Ambien Extended Release medications.

Ambien dose for men

For men, the FDA has requested manufacturers to alter the labeling and also recommends doctors and also other healthcare professionals to consider prescribing lowest doses of Ambien. They instruct doctors to prescribe 5mg for immediate release products and 6.25mg for extended-release products. The difference in the dosage strength of Ambien for men and women is because women are believed to be more susceptible to risk for next-morning impairment as they eliminate zolpidem from their body very slowly.

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