Ambien Abuse: Snorting Ambien

Ambien is a drug that is very popular for treating sleeplessness or insomnia among the people. The main objective of using this drug is to have a good sleep for those who are in lack of sleep throughout the day. Some people have many thoughts running in their mind which makes the brain to be actively keeping them awake even if they want to have a nap. What is the role of this Ambien? Once you consume the Ambien it affects the part of the brain which is responsible for keeping you awake and gives a relaxing and sedating effect depending upon the dosage of the Ambien that you consume.

Because of the sedative and the euphoric effect, it gives, it also paves the way to be dependent on the drug which would eventually Ambien lead to addiction. Especially with the young crowd of the society, it is being used as an addictive substance which gives you the feeling of high. People tend to achieve the high by using a higher dosage of Ambien on a regular basis and end up abusing the drug. The most common way of abusing Ambien is by crushing the pill into powder form and then snorting directly through the nasal cavity. By doing this people get the pleasure of being high for a longer duration of time but what they have to realize is that they enjoy the feeling of getting high with a price of damaging their mental and physical health. Once a person falls prey for the substance abuse, the craving to consume the drug more and more and at one point you will not be able to stop the craving leading to many serious medical conditions such as unconsciousness and even seizures at the time. High blood pressure and heart attacks are also the side effects of abusing the Ambien drug.

If you are already addicted and if you don’t have the drug with you, you will have the compulsive desire to obtain the substance in whichever way you wanted making you an anti-social person disintegrating your moral and personal values. The social relationship with your peers gets damaged making you the socially awkward being among others which can be a major setback in your life.

If a person really wanted to come out of the addiction and stop the consumption of the drug leads to the withdrawal symptoms like severe insomnia and agitation. They will start feeling restless and nervous trying to battle the thought of taking the drug again. Dizziness at a time along with muscle pain and abdominal pain. Dry mouth is also one of the common symptoms of withdrawal.

The first thing that anyone should do you who is willing to come out of the addiction is to go and see a doctor and be in his supervision for a time and go through the detox treatment and join a rehab center and take up the required therapy over a period of time till you come clean out of the drug. There are also many motivational therapies which can give you the confidence to survive the addiction and come out of it. It is always advisable to take any drug in minimal doses and use them responsibly.

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