1. Agreement

When the website is used then it means that you are accepting the agreement which also includes privacy policy and cookies. Those who are not satisfied with the terms and conditions can refrain from using the site. Continuing the use of the websites is just taken as the acceptance.


  1. Terms and conditions might change

The conditions mentioned in the site would change from time to time. We would be posting about this change in the homepage of the site. However, we would definitely not be in a position to be answerable if you are not aware of the change.

  1. Eligibility

We would not be collecting any personal information of those who is below 18 years of age. If you are one such who belongs to this category then you should create an account in the site. We would be posting content related to sexually transmitted diseases and much more which would not be suitable for this age group.

  1. Creation of Account

There is no need to create any account with this site. People can go about utilizing the information that is uploaded by the experts in the website. However, in order to get access to certain details you need to create your unique account. It is essential that you keep the password safe.

  1. Posting information

All readers are eligible to post the information in the site. In the review column, you can post your comments unless it is not offensive, illegal, abusive or any such similar thing.

  1. Ownership rights

This site gives all the readers an access to the information provided but it should not be used for any personal or non-personal usage. It applies also to the images, graphics, texts and other such things in the website. Violation of this right should not be made as we have copyrights for each and every aspect available in the site.

  1. General information site

Our readers should understand that this is just an information site which contains details about the medical conditions, suitable drugs, medication methods and services. You are not supposed to self-treat just by reading the blogs that are uploaded in the site.

We do not endorse any medication or method to you and this is never a replacement of a doctor’s advice. If you find any similarity with the symptoms mentioned in the site then you can go about consulting with a medical specialist.

  1. Disclaimer

We do not state that all the information provided in the site is error free and accurate. Though we have secure networks, we cannot assure to protect all the details that are provided by the readers. We do not sell the information to any third parties. However, if the court asks us to submit certain details then we would go about following it.

You would not be in a position to question us if you took a medication just by reading the site no matter what kind of effect that you suffered from.

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