The long term use of Valium might cause side effects like liver failure, this is common among any drug. When a medication is taken more than prescribed then the chances of getting side effects are higher. The medication Valium is also known Diazepam, is a drug belonging to benzodiazepine class which is used to treat withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, muscle spasms, and treatment of anxiety disorders . And at times, Valium is used for seizure treatment or prior to procedures like endoscopy. It produces a calming effect and it’s majorly complained of causing memory loss in certain treatments. If the medication is taken properly as per the prescription then you can prevent long term effects of Valium.

What can be the Long-term effects of Valium?

According to research and studies, long term use of Valium is seen to have very worse effects on the body and brain. These damages that are caused will be permanent, life-threatening and cannot be reversed. Just because the side effects are going to be permanent, patients will have to think twice before they buy valium. Only if the necessity is really there, one should take the risk of going through the drug’s course. The side effects caused because of using for an extended period include Hallucination, breathing difficulty, loss of memory, and slow pulse rate, coma, cardiac and liver failure (in people with liver problems). Liver failure is effectively reported in patients with renal problems or low liver efficiency, who will not be able to cope up with the valium metabolism, which takes place in the system. The physician will first check the patient for any cirrhosis and only then prescribe valium dosage. Normal patients with perfect health who consume alcohol along with the drug will be at a higher risk of getting their liver damaged, as already the drug has a risk of causing liver failure.

Valium Metabolism on affecting liver:

The liver has cytochrome P450 enzymes, which breaks down the medication through many chemical processes and demethylates and hydroxylates it. The demethylation process is the removal of one methyl group, which means, which consists of one carbon and three hydrogen atoms. The hydroxylation process is the addition of a hydroxyl group, which means. which consists of single oxygen bonded to a hydrogen atom. The addition of glucuronic acid also takes place which is termed as glucuronidation. Hence, normal patients with no liver damage will be able to survive the metabolism and overcome its effect provided; they do not use alcohol while under the Valium prescription. The others, who have liver disease or any liver problems, will develop drug toxicity or any other additional liver problem as their system will be unable to excrete effectively.

How to prevent liver failure?

The only way to escape liver failure for patients with the risk of developing liver problems due of the consumption of Valium pills is, by stopping the intake of the medication and treating the patient with drugs that do not belong to benzodiazepines. As benzodiazepines are the ones that are noted to bring in damage to the liver, alternative medicines should be prescribed. If the health risk outweighs liver damage, then low doses of should be administered in such patients.

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