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FDA recommends lower dose of Ambien to prevent sleep-driving

FDA Recommended Ambien DoseAmbien is a medication that is used in treating a sleep condition called as insomnia. Ambien has the active component Zolpidem which is known to act in the body by affecting the chemicals in the brain that could be unbalanced in people who have sleeping problems. Ambien works with the central nervous system to enable a person to get better sleep. Therefore, this medicine has to be taken with utmost care and only in the dosage strength that is advised by your physician. The food and drugs administration recommends people to take a lower dose of Ambien in order to prevent sleep-driving. Let’s see why FDA recommends this for insomnia patients and why is this issue very serious. Keep reading further to get all your doubts clarified.

The need to reduce Ambien dosage

Physicians believe nighttime dose of sleep aid can remain too high for patients even on the next day. FDA has now approved a newer dose of Ambien, the most popular sleep aid medication, in smaller dosage strengths. This measure was taken in an effort to reduce the daytime sleepiness which could be at peril when a person is engaged in doing some activities that require one to stay alerted like driving.

This move has been followed by all the drug manufacturers as directed by FDA that all the drugs that comprise Zolpidem will have to carry the instructions that lower the recommended dosage and also provide more safety related information for patients. These changes were approved by FDA as it is aware of the next day impact that happens as a result of consumption of the drug.

The primary purpose of lowering the dosage level is to cut down the risk of next-morning impairment of activities that require one to be highly alert. Researchers claim that they were particularly concerned about driving, as a large fraction of population keeps driving different vehicles and that driving is an inherently dangerous activity.

Ambien dosage for women

Lowering the night dose means that there will be less residual med in the blood by the time the person wakes up. The extended-release forms of the medicine tend to stay in the body for a longer while. The FDA has also instructed the drug manufacturers to reduce the dose of Ambien for women to cut in half i.e. from 10mg to 5mg for Ambien Immediate Release and from 12.5mg to 6.25mg for Ambien Extended Release medications.

Ambien dosage for men

For men, the FDA has requested manufacturers to alter the labeling and also recommends doctors and also other health care professionals to consider prescribing lower doses of Ambien. They instruct doctors to prescribe 5mg for immediate release products and 6.25mg for extended release products. The difference in the dosage strength of Ambien for men and women is because women are believed to be more susceptible to risk for next-morning impairment as they eliminate zolpidem from their body very slowly.

Buying Ambien over the counter safely from Canadian Pharmacy

buy Ambien over the counter safely from Canadian PharmacyMany people these days find it difficult to sleep. The reasons behind the sleep disorder could be many. But there is only one efficient pill that can treat these sleep deprived individuals and that is Ambien. Hectic work pressures and personal stress has made people become a victim of insomnia which can be efficiently dealt with by taking Ambien every day. A highly powerful sedative, Ambien is known to induce people to sleep in a very short time thus letting them have a good night’s sleep. The generic name of Ambien is Zolpidem and it is equally effective as that of Ambien.

Ambien is a prescription only medicine and many people do not know if it is really possible to buy Ambien over the counter. Canadian pharmacy is generally considered to be the best place to buy Ambien over the counter. You can read this blog to know how to buy Ambien over the counter safely from Canadian pharmacies.

Canadian pharmacy is the best place to buy Ambien over the counter

With years of industry experience, Canadian pharmacies are known to furnish high-quality Ambien pills at a very nominal price. The aim is to make this pill accessible to all so that they are able to treat their sleep disorder effectively. Insomnia is on the rise among many patients these days. Many people fail to address the problem and leave it aside.

But people should understand that insomnia has to be treated with utmost care. It can be treated with Ambien medical course steadily. Canadian pharmacy is reputable online drug store having sold a large number of Ambien pills every day. They deliver only authentic and FDA approved sleeping meds to their customers and hence it is the first choice among people to buy Ambien over the counter safely from Canadian pharmacies.

Avail cheap Ambien at Canadian pharmacies safely

When you purchase this sedative from any local pharmacy, you might have to spend a large sum of money to procure it. Also, the price varies from one pharmacy to the other. On the other hand, if you are ordering Ambien from Canadian pharmacies, you can avail it for a rather low price than what other medical stores would be selling.

This online drug store doesn’t have to deal with any maintenance cost or any other expense as it is with other retail outlets and this becomes one prominent reason to why you can get cheap Ambien online at the Canadian pharmacy. Also, there is hundred percent safety assured with buying Ambien online at the Canadian pharmacy.

Ambien over the counter price at Canadian pharmacies

You can buy Ambien in the dosage strengths of 5mg and 10mg. One Ambien pill in the dosage strength of 5mg will cost you $2.40 at the Canadian pharmacy. A 10mg Ambien can be availed at a cost of $ 3.03 over the counter at the Canadian pharmacy. You can buy Ambien over the counter safely any time and avail huge discounts very time you make the purchase of Ambien.

User experiences on buying Ambien online

Ambien online for cheap

User experiences on buying Ambien online“I’ve been using Ambien for more than five years as I my anxiety used to prevent me from having restful sleep. There were very few days when Ambien did not work, but these were only when I was feeling particularly anxious. Otherwise, this was the only drug that could help me fall asleep without having and sleep hangovers the next day. I recently ran into some bad times and was struggling financially. I had to continue taking Ambien 5 mg though so I checked out the online pharmacy prices for this sleeping pill. I was surprised to see Ambien retailing for so cheap. I bought a small amount of  the pill from an online drugstore that seemed reliable just to check if it worked fine for me. It did. So I placed a bigger order for cheap Ambien through the same online pharmacy. To my even bigger surprise, the customer representative called me up and informed that I qualified for an additional discount, which really helped me to save on my sleep medication. I continue to buy Ambien online through the same internet pharmacy just for the cheap price and authentic Ambien.” – David

Ordering Ambien online is so simple and easy

“I take Ambien on and off when I have some trouble sleeping. My local drug store shut down recently and I had to drive to the next town just to fill my Ambien prescription. This was becoming too much of a hassle till someone I knew recommended an Ambien online pharmacy for getting my sleep aid. I placed the order and received the pills well within the promised shipping period. My experience ordering Ambien online has really been good and since it saves me a lot trouble in visiting the local store, waiting in line and getting the pills, this way is just simpler. The entire process was so easy that I now get my prescription for Ambien refilled online every time.” – Jennifer

Fastest shipping when buying Ambien online

“I was diagnosed with chronic insomnia when I was fifteen. After trying so many over the counter pills, herbal supplements and other prescription drugs, I found that only Ambien 10 mg would work for my condition. Since it is a high dose, my doctor ordered me to take the full dose only when I had extremely bad nights and I should otherwise split the pill with each use. Unfortunately, I went through a bout of frequent bad nights where I just had to take the 10 mg pills. I was running on low and it was not possible to get the pill from the nearest drugstore. I looked for Ambien online overnight delivery as the fear of running out of my prescription and not having Ambien to manage sleep for many days together bothered me so much. I made my Ambien purchase through an authentic online pharmacy and received my pills in no time at all. This is seriously one of the best options to have when using an internet pharmacy. Since the cost is also very cheap, I take the drug by buying them only from online pharmacies.” – Matthew

How buying in bulk quantity reduced your Ambien medication cost?

Ambien costAmbien is one of the best medications currently available that can effectively treat insomnia. The drug is highly potent and can also help overcome insomnia related sleeping problems. To be able to regularly and effectively take Ambien, one should first be able to afford the drug. Ambien may seem inexpensive for some, but for those who do not have insurance cover and have to pay by cash may not find the drug treatment to be feasible. One of the beneficial ways in which the cost of Ambien can be easily covered is to buy the pills in bulk. This would help tremendously in bringing down the cost of Ambien to almost the wholesale price. Read on to learn more about this option.

How much can you save when buying Ambien in bulk?

Most drugstores have the option to fill the Ambien prescription for upwards of the 90-day supply period. The typical 15-day and 30-day supplies for Ambien have a different pricing. As the number of pills purchased increases the cost per unit decreases in a parallel manner. In a typical 15-day supply, the cost per 5 mg Ambien pill may be around $18.42. However, the same dose for the 90-day supply may cost only around $3.83 per pill. This difference in the unit price of Ambien is according to the quantity of pills purchased. One can easily see that buying Ambien in bulk can help you save hundreds of dollars on your prescription. This also helps to ensure that you do not easily run out of pills during the course of therapy and saves you multiple trips to the pharmacy to refill the prescription.

Where to buy Ambien in bulk quantity?

When it comes to the best place to get low cost Ambien in bulk, it is ideal to buy Ambien online from a reliable internet drugstore. Online pharmacies can fulfill your Ambien order without any hassles, even if it is in bulk. In case your Ambien prescription is such that you can only get it filled for up to 30 days, this would not be a problem when ordering Ambien online. Apart from getting bulk order Ambien at a low cost, you may also be able to use additional discount options that can further reduce the cost. A trusted online pharmacy would ensure that you receive only authentic Ambien at a low price, delivered directly to your address. Also, bulk orders are usually offered along with free shipping.

Other ways to help reduce the Ambien cost

There are many ways through which the Ambien cost may be easily managed. If you require taking only the lower dose of Ambien, then you can buy the higher dose in bulk and then split the dose before taking it. This would give you double the amount of Ambien pills for an extremely low cost. Use the same online pharmacy to refill your Ambien prescription and avail additional loyalty discounts or bonus pills. Compare the Ambien price between different online pharmacies, along with other benefits like free shipping, and then place your order online.


How Ambien without prescription reduces your prescription cost?

Ambien prescription Ambien is a popular sleep disorder medication which is very efficient in treating the ailment. But, the prescription cost of the drug is making insomniac people suffer from sleeplessness, as the price is very high. The patients found this drug to be very useful in getting rid of insomnia but they are unsuccessful in continuing their treatment. The reason lies in the medication’s price. We are here to identify ways on getting Ambien without a prescription so that it would eventually reduce the price of this medication.

Best way to buy Ambien without a prescription

Opt for a reputable mail order pharmacy and this is the best way to purchase Ambien without prescription. Does that mean you can get the drug over the counter? No, we didn’t mean that you can get Ambien over the counter. We are instead suggesting ways to get a prescription for free. There are many legitimate sites on the net which helps people to consult with their certified online health care professional.

How does an online doctor work? They would come in contact with you through chat or email. This is how you consult him/her. To purchase Ambien without a prescription you have to first complete a questionnaire related to the health. Following this, you might be required to upload your medical reports. An online doctor would examine these reports and prescribe you with the pill along with a legitimate online prescription. By consulting an online doctor you achieve your target of reducing the prescription cost.

What should you do if an online doctor asks you consultation fee?

An online doctor would not ask you for a consultation fee at any point in time. This is because the legitimate online pharmacies themselves would bear the charges. So, you do not have to be worried about it. Can you consult an online doctor in any mail order pharmacy? No, for safety reasons choose only those who are genuine.

How much money can you save by getting an online prescription?

You can save a lot when you order after getting an online prescription. The legitimate online pharmacies would give you heavy discounts on Ambien if you have an online script from them. You can utilize those discounts and get benefitted. Initially, since you didn’t pay any money for an online script, you would have already saved few dollars. Later by ordering Ambien online, you can again save few hundred dollars.

Everyone would know that you can get Ambien at a very affordable rate at an online pharmacy compared to the brick and mortar stores. You can buy the generic version of the drug at the rate of $91 with the dosage strength of 10 mg for 30 pills. This means that buyers of this medication have to pay only $3 approximately for a single pill. Since now that you know the high rate at which offline pharmacies are selling this drug, choose an online pharmacy to get free consultation as well as to purchase Ambien medication.

Why sleeping pills like Ambien should not become a habit?

Why sleeping pills like Ambien should not become a habitAmbien is a well-known sedative drug which is also called as hypnotic. This medicine is widely used as sleeping pills to treat people with insomnia. Ambien affects the unbalanced chemicals in our brain, thus helping us to fall asleep. Ambien is a prescription drug. As this is a prescription drug you should be smart enough to buy it from a trusted online pharmacy. is the most trusted online pharmacy from ages and sells genuine Ambien pills. The Ambien tablet is fast acting and helps an individual to fall asleep quickly. Although Ambien is not as addictive as benzodiazepines, when people use it for long period, they might develop a habit formation to the drug.

Why one should not take Ambien to be habit forming

Ambien, when used for a long period, can form an addiction and physical dependence. This is why it is recommended to avoid this sleeping pill as much as you can and not to put yourself in danger of drug addiction. Ambien was originally developed as a substitute of the benzodiazepines, which are considered to be very addictive.

Although Ambien is much safer and less addictive, the prolonged use of the drug can cause addiction as well as physical dependence and once the drug intake is being stopped, then the withdrawal symptoms start to surface. The main problem with prolonged Ambien use is that it will ultimately help the tolerance grow against the sedative. Tolerance will ensure the ineffectiveness of the drug in the body, thus compelling the person to consume larger amounts of Ambien to attain the pleasurable feelings.

How a person gets addicted to Ambien

The long term use of Ambien than the prescribed time causes the dependence. This is accompanied by a number of symptoms like tolerance, withdrawal, continuous desire to consume zolpidem, fruitless efforts to quit the drug use and more time spent in acquiring the drug. When an individual gets fully dependent on the drug, then it leads to the next step, which is an addiction. Addiction poses a threat of drug overdose, which is a common danger that grows with the habit of Ambien use.

Some common symptoms of Ambien overdose are:

  1. Excessive drowsiness
  2. Slow breathing at a dangerous level
  3. Very faint heart rate
  4. Comatose

Abrupt quitting of the sleeping pill makes a person to witness withdrawal symptoms. The severity of withdrawal symptoms depends on the amount of the hypnotic in the system. It can last for a couple of days or couple of weeks or even couple of months. The rebound symptoms are also very common in Ambien withdrawal. Some common withdrawal symptoms are:

  • Irritability and agitation
  • Insomnia
  • Cravings
  • Delirium
  • Nervous breakdowns
  • Seizures and convulsions

This is why you should not make Ambien into a habit and should avoid its use as much as possible.

How should I use Ambien then?

The next question which arises in our mind is, how should I use this drug? Ambien is used only as directed by the physician. The medication should be taken only as prescribed and should not be used any longer than the prescribed period. The drug can cause habit formation and hence, it should never be shared with anyone. Ambien is recommended to be taken before going to bed and should not be used again if you do not get 7-8 hours of dedicated sleep time.

Why, how and when should one take Ambien?

ambien guidanceAmbien, generically known as Zolpidem, is a sedative drug used to treat insomnia in patients. It is classified as a schedule IV drug in the United States and is also sold in various other countries like Canada, U.K, Australia, India, etc.

Why should one take Ambien in the first place?

If a person suffers from serious sleeplessness and accompanied problems, doctors usually prescribe Ambien as their sleeping aid. Ambien is a hypnotic drug which helps to induce sleep in patients. Ambien is a quick response drug as it gets activated in a person’s system within 15 minutes after taking it. Ambien is effective in inducing sleep. Ambien is used for treatment on a short basis for a period of 4-6 weeks and if you need to purchase this pill, then exlpharmacy is the right place to be.

It is one of the best discount pharmacy, which is delivering quality drugs to people at an affordable price. Patients suffering from insomnia usually, have difficulty in falling asleep as they are continuously disturbed by thoughts and physical restlessness. In such cases, doctors would ask them to purchase Ambien online and further follow-up for recurrence of sleep troubles or other difficulties.

How should one take the Ambien drug?

The Ambien dosage solely depends on the doctor’s decision based upon his findings and diagnosis. Make sure that you strictly follow your doctor’s prescription and never go over or below it. The Ambien pill comes in various strengths like 2, 5 and 10 mg. The intake of the pill is meant to be oral, but make sure that you do not crush, powder or break the pill before consumption. Some might break the 10 mg Ambien pill to take their prescribed 5 mg dose, which might not induce the desired effect. There is a coating on the surface of a pill, which is to prevent damage to the tongue and taste buds, but breaking and crushing would expose the pill directly to the tongue causing sores and other side effects.

Take a whole Ambien pill and swallow it, you may take some water along but make sure that you drink enough water, such that the pill won’t stick on the food pipe on its way to the stomach. If enough water does not move through the esophagus, the Ambien pill might stick somewhere in between the food pipe and stomach, resulting in infection or may even cause an ulcer. Cold water is best when swallowing medicines, but you can also take light juice or mineral water for the purpose.

When should one take Ambien to make it more effective?

The effect of the Ambien pill is meant for 7-8 hours, but it acts very quickly within 15 minutes of ingestion. You won’t be able to read or do any other things after the intake. So, make sure that you take Ambien only before the bedtime, and after waking from the sleep, you might still feel sleepy or disorientated. So make sure that you have 2-3 hours after waking before you start your morning chores and work. There should be enough gap of 1.5 – 2 hours between food and intake of Ambien because certain foods might interact with the drug and can reduce its efficacy.

The negative effects of obstructive sleep apnea

woman sleepingObstructive sleep apnea is a sleep disorder condition during which there happens to be a frequent disruption in sleep. A person affected of this condition will get to experience frequent stops and starts while breathing. This indeed will obstruct a person from experiencing a restful sleep. This is the second most common sleep disorder condition that affects people other than sleep apnea. This condition occurs when the throat muscles relax and start blocking the airway while at sleep. The most prominent sign of obstructive sleep apnea is snoring. Enjoying a proper sleep is a distant dream for those affected of this condition. Hence, people who are battling obstructive sleep apnea condition are recommended to buy Zolpidem Tartrate, the generic version of the medication to experience sufficient relief.

How to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea?

A Physical exam is required to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea condition. The commonly prescribed test to diagnose OSD condition is polysomnogram or PSG. Through this test, the parameters of various body functions such as Heart rate, Muscle activity, Breathing patterns, Eye movements, and Brain’s electrical activity are identified. The only problem which all OSD affected individuals experience predominantly is that of lack of proper sleep. At such instances, they are advised to buy Zolpidem online and administer the medication an hour before going to bed, so that they enjoy a comfortable sleep. It is estimated in 1 in 5 adults suffer from mild OSA condition, whereas another 1 in 15 suffers from moderate to severe OSA condition.

Dosage strength of Ambien to treat obstructive sleep apnea

Ambien can offer extraordinary relief from obstructive sleep apnea and enables a person to plunge into a deep sleep. Individual affected of OSD condition should take 10mg Ambien tablets to overcome the trouble while sleeping and to experience an interruption-free sleep. According to the figures published by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, one in 25 middle-aged men and one in 50 middle-aged women are affected of OSA condition. As you progress in age, you are most likely to be affected of this condition. Women are likely to be affected of this condition post their menopause stage. Babies and small children develop this condition because of swollen tonsils.

Why Ambien is highly effective for all kinds of sleep disorders?

circadian rhythm sleep disorderThere are people who find it difficult to perform their daily task just because that they couldn’t sleep and wake at proper times. Maintaining a proper sleep and wake pattern is absolutely essential to perform our day-to-day activities without any difficulty. If the Individual isn’t privileged enough to experience such asleep and wake pattern then it is to be inferred that there is a problem in the body’s biological clock. And this problem is related to the irregular sleep pattern.

All living organisms have a biological rhythm which in turn is controlled by a biological clock. The person’s ability to fall asleep is completely altered when the body’s internal clock is manipulated. The body clock’s length is 24 hours or sometimes it can even be shorter or longer too. It is supposedly believed that Ambien sleep medicine influences the biological clock by modulating the brain chemicals and ensuring stability in its functioning. However, this circadian sleep cycle is restricted only to 24 hours and the major external factor that influences it is light. If the person wakes up too early or stays up too late, then it is a symptom associated with this condition.

Circadian sleep rhythm sleep disorder is caused as a result to improper internal coordination between various rhythms. Sometimes, this medical condition is developed as hormones will be on different cycles. According to the internal classification, this condition can be categorized into six subtypes namely

  • Late night sleep
  • Advanced sleep phase type
  • Disoriented sleep-awake pattern
  • Sleep lag while commuting through flight
  • Disturbance in sleep pattern due to alternate work sessions
  • Delayed onset sleep pattern

The extraordinary benefit associated with Ambien medication is it offers relief from different types of sleep disorder conditions. This medication triggers the necessary impact in the shortest span of time thus facilitating a proper sleep. Want to buy cheap Ambien? Visit an exclusive Ambien online pharmacy.

How Ambien impacts the brain to offer relief from irregular body clocks?

This sleeping pill influences the GABA-A receptor in the benzodiazepine site given its hypnotic potential. Pharmacological properties of these unrelated ligands in the GABA-A receptors contain sedative, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic and myorelaxant properties, through which it exerts a positive impact in the neurotransmitters like histamine. This neurotransmitter is responsible for sleep inducing properties in the brain.

If you are an individual who falls asleep too late and wakes up too early, it is highly recommended that you buy Ambien online and consume the medication to figure the difference it can bring in your sleep pattern. The sedative and hypnotic properties of this medication can be attributed to its action on the alpha 1 subunit of GABA-A receptors. In fact, Zolpidem is the first subtype-selective ligand of the imidazopyridine class found to be clinically effective. Hence it is confirmed that the sedative effects of Ambien tablets can be attributed to its preferential interaction with alpha 1 GABA-A receptors rather than alpha 2 and alpha 3 receptor sites.

What is delayed sleep phase syndrome?

Depending on the external day/night cycle the individual’s body clock is interrupted and this triggers delayed sleep phase syndrome. Persons affected of this condition naturally falls asleep between 1’o clock and 6’o clock in the early morning. They make an all-out effort to sleep at an earlier time but unfortunately, they fail in their effort as their internal body clock is altered. Sleep aid Ambien has the potential to facilitate a proper sleep pattern if it is taken in appropriate measure.

There is a difference in the individuals who to try to fall asleep in the late night and those who prefer to sleep in earlier times at night. Delayed sleep phase syndrome is characterized by the body’s abnormal daily cycle which tends to be more elongated and the struggles experienced to adjust to different sleep schedules. Perhaps, at such conditions, an individual won’t be able to advance the sleep schedule to an earlier time. Ambien CR is known for its ability to offer relief at such conditions.

Buy Ultram online to chase away any pain that is causing sleep disturbance

A number one reason that has been reported by many people as a hindrance to their sleep is chronic pain which includes kidney pain, stomach pain, gallbladder pain, abdominal pain and joint pain. In any such cases, Order Ultram and consume the pill, if you find pain as the obstructing factor for your proper sleep. You can either purchase Ultram or you can buy tramadol the generic version of this pill from many online pharmacies which provide huge customer satisfaction for effective pain relief. This pill is also available in the extended-release version to accommodate varied pain medication needs of people. A licensed website operating from the USA is the best place to get Ultram 50 mg or any other desired dosage strength.